Occupancy Certificates

Factories, Homes, Retail Shops and Offices – they all need to be issued with an Occupancy Certificate.
Exit Plan will ensure that the entire process of obtaining an Occupancy Certificate (OC) runs smoothly. It is like conducting and orcestra to get all the relevant parties on site to sign off or issue certificates to the Building Inspector who will lastly issue the OC after his inspection. Dont let this scare you off, we are here to help and do these by the dozen. Call us today to discuss and set up your OC inspection date.

Occupancy Certification Process

Certificates of Compliance

Also know as COC’s these documents are issued by engineers and specialists who complete and take responsibility for a specific portion of the SANS 10400 regulations. Without these documents an Occupancy Certificate can not be issued.

Occupancy Certificates

This is the final and most important step of any building plan application. The Occupancy Certificate will only be issued by the Regional Building Inspector once all the COC’s are issued and present on site with all works in compliance and in accordance with SANS and the approved building plan.

Why this is important

Without an Occupancy Certificate you as owner is at risk. Should disaster ie. fire or structural failure happen, your insurance will not cover the loss leaving you as owner liable.

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